Age: mid-twenties
Height: 5’4 without heels
Weight: 120 lbs.
Bust: 32c
Hair Color: Red, and natural!
Eyes: Blue
Drink: White wine
Smoke: No
Personality: INFJ
Astrological sign: Aquarius


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I'm delighted you've found me!

Hello - my name is Ruby Rae!  I'm  a professional companion,  dinner date, and friends-with-benefits; who entertains out of Dennis Hof's world famous Bunny Ranch,  towards Carson City and is near Reno and Lake Tahoe.

I've been engaging my gentleman friends here in the legal brothels (first Love Ranch North, now Bunny Ranch) since 2011, with a few breaks here and there to pursue other adventures. When I am not with my lovers, I am a diligent graduate student who gets excited about research, term papers, and my many textbooks.

Being a sensual paramour is my escape from my demanding academic life. We may have that in common, you and I–using this world as an escape from schedules, routine, or just a desire for something new and exciting.

I am here to help you. If you need a little spice, you’ve found just the right one. If you need some affection, I’m all yours. If you want to get back into the dating world, but don’t know how to start, we can practice. Hopefully, this is just the beginning of our story together.





Girlfriend Experience

the most sought out party option on the menu!

The Girlfriend Experience is a more modern twist on how a gentleman can spend his time with an escort. Instead of a quick in-and-out experience, some men crave a more intimate, passionate experience. This is where I come in...

Here at the Bunny Ranch, I offer what we call a GFE, and to me the key points are intimacy, sensuality, and passion. I love getting to know the person I'm about to be physically intmate with, and that means being mentally and emotionally intimate with them as well. GFE is all about starting slow and no rush. Let's talk first, and not just small talk, but have a conversation that has depth. I would love to learn about you, and I will give you a glimpse into my own world. Next, I want us to tease and please each other, and I have perfected the art of being sensual. From the soft kisses on your lips, on your neck, down your chest, you will feel relaxed, yet have all your senses heightened.  I would love for you to tease and please me as well, as I encourage our experience to have mutual pleasure. Then comes the passion, when we are both lost in the heat of the moment -- we are in a state of bliss. 



Maybe you’re looking for something that involves more than just the heated time together. Perhaps you’ve been out of the dating game for a while and want to experience being out with a beautiful woman again. Making our experience seem more natural and progressive is what you desire just as equally as the time behind closed doors. Outdates are an excellent addition to our intimate time together. We can explore Nevada at length and learn more about each other in a non-bedroom setting. Outdates are my favorite way to really get to know a lover on a mental and emotional level. From a romantic or casual dinner date, to venturing up to Virginia City for the day, to spending the night up at Lake Tahoe....the options are endless! Outdates also allow us to meet elsewhere than the brothel. I can accompany you to your hotel room instead of my suite at the ranch, which may be more your style!  Since outdates are one of my favorite additions, you will be rewarded with more time if you choose to add one onto our time together. 



Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

Dennis Hof’s world-famous Bunny Ranch located at:
69 Moonlight Rd
Carson City, NV 89706

Are you close to Vegas?

No! This is a common misconception about all brothels in Nevada. The Bunny Ranch is located in Northern Nevada, which is a 7-hour drive from Vegas, or 1.5 hour flight. Also, the Bunny Ranch  is located near Reno and Lake Tahoe, which is much better, in my opinion!  

How do I get in contact with you?

I do reserve email correspondence for potential clients who are wanting to plan our first adventure together, or repeat clients who want to plan our next one. You can reach me at, or sending a booking request form. I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have! If you just want to say hi, please keep up with me on Twitter - @therubyrae. 

How much do your services cost?

The number one asked question! While I cannot negotiate or quote pricing over the Internet due to Nevada socilitation laws, I understand your need to know how much you should bring for our time together. My best advice is to always bring what you feel comfortable with! Whether that’s in the four digits or five digits. If you want to spend a significant amount of time together, or if we are doing some kind of specialty experience (such as an outdate, overnight, or two-girl party), that will require more funds than a traditional GFE (girlfriend experience). I try my hardest to work with all budgets. Please also note, that I prefer longer engagements (3 to 4 hours is my sweet spot which would include an outdate) and will give better deals for the more time we spend together.  

What types of payment are accepted?

Cash and all major credit cards, except American Express.  

Who is your ideal lover?

I enjoy clients who are open-minded, respectful, and easy going. Someone who enjoys good conversation, as well as being sensual and sexual. Someone who likes to have fun and laugh! Good hygiene is a must! Floss and brush teeth, trim or shave beard, comb your hair, shower and wash in all those cracks and crevices. Groom/trim hair below :)  

What are your hobbies?

When I am not at the ranch or in school, I enjoy going to the movies, seeing live music, visiting museums, practicing yoga, and enjoying live theater. Reading is also a favorite pastime, but I don’t get to do too much recreational reading with school.  As you can probably tell, I'm pretty into the arts! I also have a passion for astrology, and if we see each other enough times, I will probably want to look at your birth chart - yes, I'm one of those people! Traveling is a big passion of mine as well. I have been to eleven countries and traveled extensively around the United States. I love learning about new cultures and experiencing new parts of the world. 

I dont have any or much experience, does that matter?

No! Not at all. I am more than happy to take it slow and show you the ropes!  I can be an excellent teacher and guide if you wish, or I can take control of our experience and show you a good time - no worries! 

What are your specialties?

My top specialties are Girlfriend Experience and outdates. You can read more about those in depth under Experience. 

What other experiences are you open to?

Two-girl parties are always a lot of fun for me! I consider myself a big fan of the female body and form, so getting to explore another lady with you is quite erotic. I have a few ladies who I have established chemistry with, and I am open to inviting a lady of your choice to join us. Other experiences I'm open to range from couples, to virgins, to dress-up, to mild fetishes. If you are specifically a foot fetish guy, then you have found your girl! I LOVE my feet to be rubbed, caressed, and sucked! Also, many of my repeat clients choose to do overnights, as it really maximizes our time together. 

Are you kink friendly?

My specialties are definitely Girlfriend Experience and outdates, however, I am open to some kinky fantasies! I will be completely honest and say that I am in no way educated or highly experienced within the kink world. Depending on the level of kinky, I would love for us to invite a lady friend of mine who is experienced in that realm so she can educate me and we can all have fun together!  I would love to explore that untapped side of my sexuality with you, so please let me know if this is something you're interested in! 

Do you kiss?  

Soft kissing is great! Kissing brings such a sensual element to the experience. That being said, I do kiss on a case-by-case basis. If your oral health is good, then let the smooching begin! I do not like a lot of tongue, or messy kissing, AKA a lot of saliva.  

Am I allowed to pleasure you?

One word – YES! If nervous about "not doing it right", don't worry! I will show you exactly how I like it. I'm very easy to please if you follow directions well. I'm the kind of girl that enjoys soft and gentle pleasuring. 

What is your schedule?

My schedule changes frequently due to my personal life, which includes being a full-time graduate studnet. Please be patient with me, I promise I'm worth it :) Please pin down your desired date, and then email me or sending me a booking request to make sure I am available that day and not busy with another appointment. Communication is key! 

How do I see you? Do I need to make an appointment?

Making an appointment is my preferred way that you see me, as I work mostly by appointment. Appointments are great because they guarantee my time. I will take myself off the floor and be waiting for you and only you. You won’t have to worry that I may be busy when you arrive. Please contact me to inquire further.  

Can you help me plan our time together? I dont know where to start!

Yes, I would be more than happy to plan with you! I am a planner by nature! I can recommend hotels and help you search for flights. If you are wanting to spend time together outside of the ranch, AKA an outdate, then I can help plan our date as well :)

What makes going to a brothel different than seeing an independent provider?

The two are radically different experiences! At a Nevada brothel, there is a higher level of safety. It is legal, so you do not have to fear going to jail. You are in a facility where you know you will not be robbed or beaten. Also, us ladies have to be tested weekly for STIs, monthly for HIV, and yearly for hep. We use condoms for intercourse AND oral. Our facility has a parlor and bar area, where you can relax before and after your party. Very different :)

Can I take photos/video of you?

I do not allow video, and I do not allow nude photos. I would, however, be okay if you wanted to snap a few clothed photos before we got busy ;)  

What do I need to bring with me before coming to see you?

ID and wallet! I will supply everything else!  

I masturbate frequently and/or watch a lot of porn, should I stop before seeing you?

I would suggest that you try to lessen how much you pleasure yourself, and try to ease away from porn. Also, try to lessen your grip when pleasuring yourself, as my parts are usually not as tight as what is considered the death grip ;) Also, pleasuring yourself with a condom on is good practice for what’s to come!  

Can I send you gifts/candy/flowers?  

I would love any or all of those! I do have an Amazon wishlist (send gifts to Bunny Ranch, address listed above) you can find here. My favorite shops to receive giftcards from are Lulus or For Love and Lemons.  

I had such a great time with you, can I see you again?

Repeat visits are among my favorite! About 80% of my bookings are with repeat clients. I love building on that initial experience and time together. So yes! Please email me to set something up for the future.



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